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New meets old, our story...

Our shop Madrona Bay Decor, was created out of our desire to work together and combine our talents and the things we love, to create interesting eclectic home decor pieces.  We are a retired couple living in beautiful Madrona Bay on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Salt Spring is well known as an artistic community and those artistic vibes have rubbed off.  Spending winters in Mexico and seeing how the Mexican culture uses innovation and recycling to the max; nothing goes to waste, everything is reused or re-purposed; has inspired us to create our unique brand of home decor.

Rick is an Electrical Engineer and all around handy guy.  Wendy holds degrees in Education, Project Management and Interior Design, and is a fused glass expert. Combining these skills together with our love for vintage and old pieces, scouring antique stores and a general love to create, resulted in the birth of Madrona Bay Decor.  We love every piece we create and hope you do too!

Meet the owners...

Wendy Wallace, co-founder and Chief Designer for Madrona Bay Decor
Rick Wallace co-founder and chief engineer for Madrona Bay Decor

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Co-Founder and Chief Designer

Madrona Bay Decor workshop and studio.
Madrona Bay Decor workshop and studio.
Building a steam punk lamp at Madrona Bay Decor studio.
Madrona Bay Studio
Where the work gets done...

Video Credit:  Our niece, the amazing Ava Wilson.

Ava Wilson working in the Madrona Bay Decor Studio.
Building a steam punk lamp at Madrona Bay Decor studio.

Fused Glass Workshop

with 2 Kilns

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