Meeting Table with USB Chargers
This electrified meeting table has USB chargers encircling the table in a steel pipe as well as an electrical outlet and lighted gauge in an arch at the end. The table is made of BC fir. Click the link below for more pictures:
Thor Hammer Table
This custom designed table has a 3D printed translucent Thor hammer smashed into it with a 3D printed crack in the table. 12 blue LED's change and glow to create a 'life force' effect. To see more pictures and a video, click the link below:
Vintage Table with Cast Iron Wheels
These oversized tables have pipe legs with cast iron wheels and a fir beam with industrial aircraft cable and turnbuckle embellishments. These were made with matching fir benches for a clients office kitchen area. Click the link below for more pictures:
Fine Wood Meeting Table
This European style fine wood meeting table is made from beautiful fine grain BC fir. Click the link below for more pictures:
Steam Punk Chandelier
This large steel pipe chandelier has 11 Edison bulbs with wire cages and is made of black and silver pipe. It was custom designed to accompany the USB Charger Meeting Table.
Distressed Wood and Steel Chandelier
This 7 foot long bar light is made of distressed barn wood and hangs from 2 large red, cast iron pulleys.
Rustic Timber and Steel Bench
This beautiful bench is made from big rough sawn timbers with steel plate embellishments.
Steam Punk Scooter
These steampunk inspired scooters were customized with the clients logo and a company name license plate. Wire tassels, a gauge and metal pipe create a tech vibe.
Steel Pipe Office Desk
This fine grained BC fir desk has pipe legs and cast iron wheels. The integrated arch has a copper pipe light with a USB charger and power outlet. Perfect for a computer desk.
Miner Cart Coffee Tables
These functional mine cart themed tables have large cast iron wheels and a rotating front wheel. They are made with a distressed barn wood finish in several colours.
Wine Barrel Table and Chair Set
This authentic French wine barrel was used to make a 6 person table. The chairs are made of black and silver pipe with distressed wood seats.
Printer Table with Steel Legs
This small table is made of fine grained BC fir and steel pipe legs. It is perfect for a printer table.
Picnic Tables with Beverage Trough
These oversized picnic tables have a beverage and ice trough and an opener on the side. They are made of beautiful BC cedar and have matching separate benches. Click the link below for more pictures:
Pallet Style Cedar Benches
These outdoor pallet style benches are made from BC cedar.
Tire Table and Sports Car Seat Set
Designed for a 'Garage' themed room, this table set gives a mechanical, automotive feel.
Tire Table
This small table was one of many pieces designed and custom made for a garage themed meeting room.
Patio Swing
This colonial style patio swing was made for a clients garden themed meeting room and stands on a free standing cedar support structure.
Garden Swing Set
This double seat swing set was custom designed for a customer who wanted a garden experience in their meeting room.
Barn Shelf
Fun shelf for a barn themed room.
Barn Door
This massive barn door is 8' high x 3' wide and hangs on 4 custom wheels. It also features a custom steel handle and steel edging.
Scrabble Game Table
These functional scrabble tables feature a cubby hole for storing game pieces and a pull out shelf for the game letters during play. Click the link below for more pictures:
Rubik's Cube Tables
These fun and colourful Rubik's cube tables are on casters and have a glass top.
Picasso Steel Table
A Picasso inspired fused glass art piece embellishes this beautiful steel table with a glass top.
Concrete and Wood Coffee Table
This BC fir table features a concrete plank in the middle along with metal legs and metal straps on top.
Plexiglass Strip Light
This red plexiglass light has steel edging and beautiful fused glass panels. The LED light shines out the bottom. A custom crank suspends the light from pulleys.
Themed Shelves
This client had four themed rooms and they requested fun laptop work shelves for them. Click the link below for more pictures:
Renaissance Style Candelabra Light
This Renaissance style candelabra light is made from copper and steel with a dimmer and 6 selectable lights on a concrete base.
Wallace McKnight
This dashing knight features vintage armour and a real helmet and sword.
Custom Copper Faucets
This is just one of our many unique and beautiful custom copper and bronze faucets.
4" Copper Faucet
Another of our custom copper faucets.
Co Mingling Spout Faucet
Unique faucet with 2 spouts that co-mingle the water as it exits.
Copper and Bronze Faucet
Custom copper and bronze faucet.
Concrete Bistro Table
This unique concrete bistro table has steel pipe legs and embedded ornaments around the edge of the table.
Nautical Concrete and Steel Planter
This concrete planter has steel legs and a nautical anchor on the front.
Giant Movie Reels
These 36" diameter vintage movie reels were made for a media room with a hammered metal finish.
Media Cabinet
This custom media cabinet has a concrete top, custom steel mesh door and pipe embellishments.
Steam Punk Lamp
This steam punk lamp has a USB phone charger, water valve switch and fun pressure gauges. See our SHOP for a full selection of steam punk lighting.
Pipe and Wood Box Wall Shelves
These industrial pipe shelves are simple, fun and functional.
Antique Tricycle Table
This fun and functional coffee table is made from an authentic antique tricycle.
Steam Punk Dog Watering Station
This fun piece was made for a dog friendly office. It is made of black pipe and distressed wood complete with a removable water bowl and a treat bucket.
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We work closely with clients in our design process to understand and emulate their desires for their space in unique furniture pieces.

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