Fish and Coral Collage
Colourful fish and coral make this a fun seaside piece.
Picasso picture
Steel and aluminum framed Picasso wall hanging.
Wave Candle Holder
Wave plate in wood stand
Seaside Platter
Katrina plate
Picasso faces
Picasso faces in wood stand
Cheese platter
Cheese platter with glass handles
Undersea platter
Platter with driftwood handles
Coral picture
Large coral framed picture
Coral Chandelier
Golf plate
Wind chime
Sailboat window pendant
Ballerina hanging
Garden wall hanging
Decorative glass stand
Decorative glass work
Spoon Rest
Egg Spoon Rest
Breakfast plate
Oil and Vinegar Bottles
Red and black platter
Appy bowl
Plate and bowl
Dot Bowl
Appy Set
Picasso bowl
Black and Red Bowl
Bowl and Platter Set
Appy tray
Flower Vase
Picasso Table
Leaf stand
Hanging Light
Garden sparrow
Seaside Lantern
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With 3 large glass kilns, we can produce large quantities of custom fused glass pieces.

Fused Glass Gallery

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