Copper and Bronze Bathroom Faucet

Copper and Bronze Bathroom Faucet

Add a splash of industrial to your bathroom or kitchen with this bright copper and bronze faucet. It replaces any faucet with standard 8" hole spacing. If your sink has 4" hole spacing - the two counter top and sink standards are either 4" or 8", then choose our 4" faucet. It connects to your water mains with standard 1/2" hose connectors. If your sink has a third hole in the middle for a pop-up drain, the optional bronze drain attachment connects the push rod to your drain actuator. You can also order a copper rod with a bronze pull for the pop-up drain actuator (not shown).
  • Product Information

    Simple to install with 3D printed threaded bushings that insert into the standard 1 1/4" holes in your counter top.

    The height of the faucet outlet is 8" above counter height and the length of the faucet is 6" out from the holes. Can be customized to any height or length.

    These look great in a concrete counter top ! Available with a variety of valve handles - the copper T's shown, round steel handles, red/blue coloured handles etc. Just ask and we'll try to accommodate you.