FLOW Water Drops

FLOW Water Drops

This Interactive Living Art piece has water drops that flow and change randomly with blue light. It detects when you enter the room and changes the pattern of light.

Perfect for a Yoga room or any place you want to create a soothing, interesting, lighting atmosphere. Can be customized to say anything you desire and to behave in any way you can imagine.

Made of copper, bronze and steel pipe with a water valve for an on/off switch, this piece soothes a room with its gentle, dripping water valves. Each of the 3 water faucets have a clear, 3D printed water drop that drip slowly with mellow blue light.
  • Product Info

    Powered by a USB phone plug, or a 9V DC adapter, it's controlled by an Arduino microprocessor, all included. The pressure gauge on top also responds through its blue LED to the motion detection circuitry.

    The entire piece is 6' high and 2 1/2' wide and mounts to any wall with screws.

    Watch it in action on our Youtube channel...

    FLOW Video