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Plexiglass LED Strip Light

Plexiglass LED Strip Light

This contemporary LED light has a red plexiglass panel with an LED strip light that shines through a clear strip at the bottom.  The pulley system which it hangs from is suspended by a optional steel crank mounted on the wall.  The light can be suspended from the ceiling only if the crank mechanism is not desired.  The crank is colour matched to the plexiglass panel.


The optional fused glass panels add an artistic flare to make these lights totally unique.  Great for over a bar, eating nook or desk.


These can be customized in a variety of materials for the main panel including coloured plexi choices, brushed steel, copper or distressed wood.  The artistic fused glass panel design can be be customized as well.


Powered by a small 12V AC adapter.  Light panel is 36" wide x 15" high (size can be customized upon request).  Hangs on stainless steel braided wire cable.

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